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Author: admin     Date: February 20, 2024

The biomolecular cargo (i.e., proteins, nucleic acids and lipids) of EVs is thought to reflect the cell-type of origin, suggesting it could be a promising source for the discovery of novel biomarkers. Earlier research has indicated that tetraspanins (CD9, CD63, CD81) are the specific markers of exosomes. However, further research is required before EV researchers can propose a list of EV-specific “markers” that distinguish subsets of EVs from each other. 

Here CD9 and CD63 are employed as the model protein. The expression of CD9 is verified by immunofluorescent labeling, while the expression of CD63 is verified by analyzing EVs isolated from CD63-eGFP stable clones.


Figure 1. Single particle analysis of intrinsic fluorescent CD63-EGFP EVs.


Figure 2. Single particle analysis of immunofluorescent labeled EVs (CD9-AF488 EVs)

The Flow NanoAnalyzer has the capacity of single EVs analysis, for both intrinsic fluorescent EVs and immunofluorescent labeled EVs, the population of fluorescent positive EVs can be discriminated from non-fluorescent populations.

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