Nucleic Acids and Lipid Analysis

Author: admin     Date: February 20, 2024

EV cargo including RNA, DNA, proteins, lipids, and metabolites, can be found internally and on the surface of EVs.  The cargo can be transferred to recipient cells, resulting in a pleiotropic response. Insights into the function of EVs can be obtained either by measuring the composition or by assays in which the function can be evaluated.

Here, SYTO™ RNASelect Green Fluorescent Stain is used to label the mRNA and miRNA of the EVs, whereas PKH26 is utilized to label the lipid membrane of the EVs.


Figure 1. RNA analysis of EVs extracted from cell culture using SYTO™ RNASelect Green Fluorescent dye


Figure 2. Lipid analysis of EVs extracted from plasma using PKH26.

With fluorescent labeling by SYTO™ RNASelect Green Fluorescent dye, the RNA of EVs can be characterized and the sub-population can be discriminated from non-fluorescent EVs.

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