Rapid and Quantitative Measurement of Single Quantum Dots

Author: admin     Date: February 23, 2024

Semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) have a wide range of potential application in the biomedical field due to their strong fluorescence brightness and long-term photostability. This study reported a method for accurate quantification of the fluorescence intensity of single QDs using nano-flow cytometry. By analyzing thousands of QDs in less than one minute, this method quickly reveals the inherent polydispersity of QDs. The study also introduces the application of the Flow NanoAnalyzer in quality assessment of QDs, metal ions impact research, and coupling aggregation of biomolecular assessment. Through the single particle counting method, it enables the accurate measurement of the particle concentration of QDs.


Figure 1. Fluorescence quantitative analysis of a single QD


Figure 2. Particle concentration analysis of QDs


Figure 3. Statistical histograms of representative fluorescence burst trajectories and burst heights of Qdot655 in different buffers

Utilizing the Flow NanoAnalyzer, the fluorescence of individual QDs was rapidly quantified. Accurate quantification of QD concentration was achieved by single particle counting. Nano-flow detection provides a powerful characterization tool for the synthesis and application development of QDs.

Anal. Chem., 2017, 89(18), 9857-9863.