The NanoAnalyzer(EVs)

Author: Mika Mika     Date: May 23, 2022

The NanoAnalyzer, a nano-flow cytometry (nFCM) platform from NanoFCM, allows for the multi-parameter analysis of various biological nanoparticles, such as EVs, viruses, lipid nanoparticles, and bacteria, opening new frontiers for flow cytometry within the nanoscale. Measuring particle concentration, size distribution, and biochemical properties of single nanoparticles with high sensitivity, high resolution and at high-throughput, the NanoAnalyzer provides a powerful platform for life science research. Small EVs (<200nm) are nanoparticles that carry a very limited amount of cargo molecules such as proteins, nucleic acids and lipids. They are also highly heterogeneous in size and in contents. Therefore, a sensitive, specific, and rapid methodology is required for their characterization. To meet this demand, the NanoAnalyzer has emerged as the next-generation platform for comprehensive EV analysisi.


Characterization of size distribution and particle concentration

Statistically representative particle size distribution, concentration and subpopulation information of EVs/exosomes are obtained in 2~3 minutes by the detection of individual EVs with a throughput up to 10,000 particles per minute. The minimum detection concentration of EVs is as low as 1E8 (particles/mL).

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of biochemical properties of EVs