Author: Mika Mika     Date: May 30, 2022

Discribe diffirent dimention performance of NanoAnalyzer, include: High-Sensitivity, High-Resolution Measurement ect.

High-Sensitivity & High-Resolution Measurement

NanoAnalyzer Performance1NanoAnalyzer Performance2

NanoAnalyzer Performance3

NanoAnalyzer Performance4

Linear Correlation with Gradient Dilution  and Reproducibility

Comparison with First-Generation Techniques

For silica NPs of 95 nm, the size distribution measured by NanoFCM is consistent with TEM, that is, sharp histogram centered at 95 nm is achieved. In contrast, a broad size distribution (20-250 nm) containing massive false signals is observed by NTA, originating from the lack of both sensitivity and resolution.

The ultrahigh sensitivity and resolution of NanoFCM is perfectly illustrated by the measurements of silica NPs with mixed sizes (47, 59, 74, 95, and 123 nm). NanoFCM offers comparable results as TEM, far beyond the best result obtained by NTA. NanoFCM enables users to accomplish complicate analysis for heterogeneous samples without losing details.