Improving Exosomes Characterization at Codiak BioSciences

Update: 2017-06-18 20:51:05

Exosomes are an ancient system of intercellular communication, through which they deliver various molecules (DNA, RNA, proteins, lipids) from cell to cell. Exosomes are implicated in the transmission of disease states, and explored as a means of drug discovery. Upon delivery, exosomal cargo can change biological functions in recipient cells according to the instructions encoded by the payload.

Dr. Russell McConnell works with a team of researchers headed by Prof. Jan Lotvall, at Codiak BioSciences, which is a company specialized in the research, development and commercialization of exosomes in the field of therapeutic and diagnostic areas.

NanoFCM’s Flow NanoAnalyzer N30 is the Model Type specialized for exosomes research. N30 is being used by the research group to measure various parameters (size, biochemical properties and concentration) of the exosomes sample. Earlier measurements obtained using NTA did not provide the biochemical properties, and NanoFCM’s instrument is now being used to provide particle-by-particle measurement for a much higher sensitivity, and biochemical properties are acquired.

Codiak, founded in 2015, is the leader in the rapidly developing field of exosomes biology. The company was formed on the basis of research from the VentureLabs innovation unit of Flagship Pioneering; the research of Jan Lotvall, M.D. Ph.D., Chairman of the Krefting Research Centre at University of Gothenburg, Sweden, and from the seminal work of Dr. Raghu Kalluri at the Univerity of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX. Visit for more information.

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