Shaobin Zhu


厦门大学化学系 学士 (2002-2006)

厦门大学分析化学专业 博士 (2006-2012)

美国爱荷华州立大学化学系和美国能源部艾姆斯国家实验室 博士后 (2013-2014)

厦门福流生物科技有限公司 总经理 (2014-)



2014 – Present  Xiamen, Fujian
NanoFCM provides a versatile and powerful platform-HSFCM for the multiparameter characterization of multifunctional NPs and viruses at the single-particle level. Light scattering is used for the measurement of nanoparticle size and size distributions. Fluorescence detection is used to analyze the chemical properties of nanoparticles. Thus, size, concentration, chemical attributes, and biological features of biomolecules conjugated on the nanoparticle surface can be characterized, and correlated analysis of these attributes can be facilitated at the single-nanoparticle level.
 Postdoctoral Associate research mainly focuses on single particle tracking and super-resolution imaging in chemical and biological systems
 PhD reserach focuses on the development of high sensitivity flow cytometry (HSFCM) and its applications in quantitative characterization of individual nanoparticles and viruses. Light scattering is used to measure nanoparticle size and size distributions, and fluorescence detection is used to analyze the chemical properties of nanoparticles. At present, HSFCM allows the individual detection of 6.7 nm gold nanoparticles and 24 nm low refractive index nanoparticles or viruses in suspension by intensity-based real-time light-scattering detection below the Level of Single Fluorescent Molecules.

Skills and Techniques
·   Instrument development, including 3D modeling, design and process of parts, and data acquisition and processing software development.
·   Optical detection and superresolution imaging of single nanoparticles and molecules in chemical and biological systems.
·   Flow cytometry techniques
·   Proficient with professional drawing software: Photoshop, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, 3ds Max.
·   Interdisciplinary background in chemistry, nanoscience, physics, and biology.

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