High Performance

Ultra-Sensitive and High Resolution for both scatter and fluorescence.

Author: Nanofcm     Date: March 4, 2021


Nano-flow Cytometry is super-sensitive, which allows label free analysis of single silica and gold nanoparticles down to 24 nm and 7 nm, respectively. For viruses, it is able to detect the signals from single MS2 virus (27 nm).Nano-flow cytometry shows a resolution comparable to that of TEM and the throughput of flow cytometric analysis.


The fluorescent signals from single R-phycoerythrin molecules can be acquired individually by nano-flow cytometry, which means the NanoFCM is able to study EV proteins as low as ONE copy.


Hundreds of nanoparticles can be detected one by one per second, and a highly representative statistical distribution of particle properties can be obtained in 1 minute.