Meiwafosis is appointed as NanoFCM’s exclusive distributor in Japan

July 2020

Tokyo, Japan and Xiamen, China – Meiwafosis, the leading supplier of advanced solution for nanoparticle analysis in Japan, today announced that it had secured the exclusive rights to the distribution of NanoFCM’s NanoAnalyzer and other products in Japan.
This partnership will allow researchers in the field of extracellular-vesicle research, virology and drug delivery to benefit from the advanced capabilities of Nano-Flow Cytometry, which combines the ability to measure simultaneously particle size and concentration with and without fluorescent label. The partnership’s announcement is made at the eve of the virtual ISEV meeting, a gathering of scientists with an interest in further knowledge of extracellular vesicles, which functions and characteristics the NanoAnalyzer is particularly well suited to assess.

About Meiwafosis

Meiwafosis Co., Ltd. has been contributing to Japan’s scientific research by providing state-of-the-art instruments from overseas manufacturers and its own products since 1968. With its expertise and experience, Meiwafosis has served various research institutes including universities, colleges, and private companies in the fields of biology, nanotech and environmental sciences.

Well-trained staff members in major cities (Tokyo, Osaka, Sendai and Nagoya) support customers all over Japan. Meiwafosis Co., Ltd. continually strives to be aware of its customers’ needs and provide them with the most suitable solutions.

About NanoFCM

NanoFCM Inc. is a privately-held company based in Xiamen, China which focuses on the development of high analytical instruments. It has developed a next-generation nanoparticle analysis platform, the NanoAnalyzer, based on nano-flow cytometry. It is unique in its ability to deliver comprehensive measurement (size, concentration and phenotyping) down to 10-40nm, depending on the nature of the substrate. Its high-throughput operation, enables the processing of large numbers of samples required in clinical studies, cutting down the time to publication or to market, whereas its high-sensitivity and high-resolution performance increase the certainty of result. The NanoAnalyzer has already been identified as the new platform of choice for extracellular vesicles analysis, and is finding increased appeal in the analysis of gene therapy vectors, nanoparticle carriers, virus, mitochondria, bacteria and functionalised gold nanoparticles. NanoFCM Inc. is headquarter in Xiamen, China, with a subsidiary company based in Nottingham, UK.


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